Monday, December 14, 2009

Tree of Scraps

Busy bees in this house these days....I'm working in kindergarten this week, crafting in second grade, and serving breakfast to two classes on Friday. Tonight we decorated Christmas cookies, using Martha Stewart's sugar cookie recipe and royal icing colors in red, blue and green. They turned out really cute and yummy too.

Also, tonight I made a sample of the homespun tree craft I will be taking to my second grade class this week. I had all of these pieces (minus the wooden stars) in my craft room, so they came together in a cinch. I think I got the original idea from a Gooseberry Patch Christmas book.

All you need are cinnamon sticks (cut to 5-6 inches in length) or you could use twigs. Strips of fabric cut to 1/2 inch x 6-7 inches, a star decoration for the top and twine for the ornament hanger. Tie the fabric in knots up the tree, we used 7 strips of fabric. Then, using your scissors, cut the strips into graduated pieces resembling the triangle shape of the Christmas tree. Attach your topper decoration and twine with hot glue.
It's as simple as that. We also sprinkled a tiny bit of gold on the wooden star for a little bit of glitz. Be as decorative as you want. I tried to keep things simple and neat.

Be back with more later!!!

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