Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Shopping from the List

I've been in the market for quite some time for a new sewing machine. I decided I wanted to invest in a machine that would last, hopefully, for quite a number of years. Since my interest in sewing has increased (how could it not with all those great projects out there!!) I wanted to get past the cheapy $89 deals from the big box stores.

A few days ago I went looking on my local Craig's List and found an ad for this machine: a Janome DC3018.

Well, yesterday I met a really nice lady named Carole who bought this beauty 2 years ago and had only used it once. She didn't even know how to thread it properly. She was so sweet. She explained to me the fact that she had two artificial wrists and could no longer push herself to do needlecrafts or even think about sewing. After I "played" with it in her kitchen for a short bit of time I decided to purchase it for myself.

Isn't "she" pretty?? I can't wait to experiment with some ideas in my sewing journal. Thanks Carole for the great deal!!

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