Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Finishing Up & Learning Something New

Well, I thought I was just about finished with all of my Halloween goodies including these little kraft bags:
I made a few extras today using the fab & wonderful K&Company die cuts I bought from Michael's a while back.

And then I thought I would re-purpose a Starbucks bottle given to me by decorating it with some cute paper and adding a few chocolate goodies.  (I don't have a clue where the original candy went...) This will brighten someone's school cubby tomorrow.
And then I found this fun tutorial yesterday and had to give these little triangle boxes a try:
They are so nifty and so easy to make!! Where have these been all my life? Have I been living in a cave? Well, I don't know, but I will definitely be hanging on to this pattern for future's sake. And, as I was tying the last few I made this morning I thought how cool they would be to use for an advent calendar and instead of punching the "Happy Halloween" sentiment each box could be labeled with a number.  Thanks so much Angie for this awesome tutorial!!

The patterned paper and stamped image I used on these boxes are from Papertrey Ink, along with Stampin Up's Pumpkin Pie cardstock and my 1 3/4" circle punch.

I can't wait to pass these out and make more!

Monday, October 25, 2010

2 for One

Isn't she pretty? Every house with a child needs a gumball machine, right? I never considered buying one until this past Friday when we spotted this one lying sideways in a box at a church rummage sale. I pulled her out and took a quick glance. My girls were with me and immediately said, "Cool!" so I hung on to her while we shopped the sale.

It is a Carousel model, tho not an original. We've done some research. I think this model retails for $60.

Anyways, we picked up some other items, enough for a medium boxful, and carried it up to the check out area. The church lady looked through what we had gathered, including the gumball machine, and announced, "$8.00 for all of it!" How could I refuse? So, we brought her home.

This morning we cleaned her up nice and pretty after we bought a large container of gumballs at WM. And, the fun thing is for one penny you get two gumballs! 2 for 1....not a bad deal after all.

Be sure to check out the other thrifty finds over at Apron Thrift Girl's blog....I'm linking along this week.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Peek & Share

Here's a peek and share of what my girls will be giving away in their classrooms for Halloween treats this year. I decided to go simple and give both girls the same thing to share with their classmates.
Still don't know what they are? How about if I show you this picture?
Hmmm, now we are getting closer.....but here's a full shot for you to check out.  I told you I would share. :)
And another version:
I kept things very simple....just a little bit of cardstock, stickers, and a simple stamp that says, "Open if you dare!"  I think the kids will like them.

I also want to share the original source for the idea....I found them at an amazing blog called "it is what it is" - and let me just tell you, her stuff is so stinkin' cute! I only wish I had that kind of talent when it comes to graphic design....oh the possibilities. Her bags are cuter and stuffed with much more candy, but I have 40 kids to treat, so I thought 4 peanut butter cups were plenty + let's not consider the other goodies and candy they will receive.  Here are the bags she put together which inlcude a free printable tag. I think she applied the stickers to the tops of her Reese cups, although I found the bottoms (the smaller end) much easier to use. And, I wanted to use her printable tag, but because my bags were smaller, I opted for this version.

This was an easy, mess-free craft profect that we worked on together. Try it out!

Friday, October 8, 2010

This is why...

I love garage sales!!!  Check out what I found today at a church sale for cheap, cheap, cheap:
Isn't she a lovely? (I am actually using Pottery Barn's stock photo.) I recognized this Pottery Barn tabletop photo carousel as soon as I spotted it sitting under a table.  I grabbed her up and asked, "Is this for sale?" Sure enough, she was.

Now my biggest decision is whether or not to keep her.  I don't really have the space, but I couldn't leave the sale today without it. I'll let you know in a week or so what my decision is...is there anyone else out there interested? She might be for sale...

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Boo Bags

I enjoyed giving out these "Boo Bags" today to a few special people in my life.  My kind of easy, non-stamping, fast, whip together kind of treat.
Not much as far as edibles in these spooky treat bags, but instead some fun Bath & Body Works "Candy Corn" hand sanitizer along with a fun matching gelly holder [sorry, forgot to take a picture of the contents].  I was trying to be considerate to those watching their waistlines...but I did manage to sneak in a few pieces of Halloween chocolate.  Maybe they won't notice...

I found these fun die cut images at Michael's.  They are from the K&Company "Spooktacular" line.  The background patterned paper is from Papertrey Ink (last year's designs).

Take care!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Did you see her?

Two of my favorite ladies together on one show today!!! Martha was on Oprah!
It was a delightful hour, although I wish we could have seen more peeks into Martha's life.  We've all heard the scoop on her time in prison and frankly, I think we've all moved on.

Don't forget to print out your coupon. I'm off to Michael's tomorrow to see what I can find.