Monday, December 28, 2009

Decorate Your Dog

If you want to see a really easy way to "dress up" your dog....check these out! I made several of these in minutes....I call them "Dog Collar Sleeves" and I found the pattern here.

I went through some of my holiday fabric and made several to keep handy for the future.

Here's my dog, "Baby" dressed up for the Christmas holiday:
I made a few more, one for Valentine's, Halloween and one which can be for everyday, pretty in pink:
I prefer these over the traditional "scarf" which we get when we go to the vet's office, because they always become frayed, and look a little messy after a few days. These sleeves have an opening, which slips over your dog's collar.
Here's a shot showing you the opening: (and aren't my hands starting to look W-A-Y old??)
If you don't sew, let me know and maybe I can make one for you, my treat....Happy New Year's!

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katie H. said...

awww...too cute...i need some of them for my doggies...let me know when you are ready for my order = )