Tuesday, June 30, 2009

K&Company Cards

My friend [Katie - I'm talking about you] sent me an e-mail the other day that said, "When are you going to get some crafty stuff up on the blog?"...so this morning, I felt a little pressure to "get some crafty stuff up"....and I made six Thank You cards for some of the wonderful birthday wishes I received before we headed out to the beach. Here's one of them:
And here's another one where I changed it up a bit and omitted the ribbon and added a butterfly from the SU butterfly Sizzix die:
Both of these cards were inspired by the "Berry Sweet" line of papers from K&Company. Lately, I've been so inspired by the brighter colors of paper and embellishments, there's so much to choose from. I also ran these through the my sewing machine for an added detail.
Sources: Printed paper: K&Company, Rub-on: U/K, Jewel: K&Company, Ribbon: Michael's, Embossed Dots: Cuttlebug Swiss Dot Folder
As always, you can click on the images to see them larger.

Monday, June 29, 2009

One of the Prettiest Gifts

One of the prettiest gifts I received for my 40th birthday was this album from my sister. When she turned 40, five years ago, I made her an album so that she could record all those special events from her birthday and that entire year. Now, I have one of my very own to carry on the tradition.

I knew she was up to something, but I wasn't sure exactly what. Here's the full shot:
And here's the close up:
She did such a beautiful job. I love the flowers, the bird and the flower pot. And, one of my favorite details is the jute string around the pot.

Now, I want to get to work filling the pages with the events from the past two weeks, birthday, beach....before it all escapes this old brain of mine.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

I'm Registered

I registered today for this fantastic event happening in July!!
I found out about it months ago from an announcement on Nichole Heady's blog and couldn't believe that the CHA group was going to hold a CraftSuperShow for plain ole' folks like me! I can't wait!

We have a small caravan planned and I'm sure it will be a fun day!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cuttlebug - CHA Shout Out

Many of you know how much I love my Cuttlebug Swiss Dot embossing folder (it's one of my all-time favorite tools) and now Cuttlebug has announced they are coming out with some new folders designed for Christmas. Be sure to check out their page here to see the new designs and join in on the CHA countdown which will begin on June 29th. I can't wait to go to the CHA show in Orlando on July 31st....we've already booked the day as a girls day out!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Good Morning Scenes

Here's the scene from our back porch this morning....what a beautiful sight!
And here's a shot of the girls' shark's teeth collection they started yesterday. In all my [40] years, I've never found a single shark's tooth....I'm glad they started early. Look at those sweet little hands [sigh].
Have a glorious day!

Monday, June 22, 2009

I [heart] My Hardworking Hubby

Saturday night, my daughter noticed this neat heart pattern on my hubby's tank top. He was still for one minute after moving all of our loot from the car to the condo...what a trip. He's so gracious by letting all of us "girls" relax inside while he went back and forth bringing in all of our much needed goodies.
He definitely loves us all very much to work up such a sweat including this one in a heart-shaped pattern.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Friendly Stranger

We saw this little guy creeping across our back lawn this morning. Actually, I should have said, "this little girl" because later we saw her digging a deep hole in the dune area which I think means she's ready to have some little turtle babies. She certainly had a determined look on her face as she quickly trotted across the lawn.

Day #1's activities included a walk on the beach this morning (trying to fit in 30 minutes a day), looking for shells, going to the pool, a trip to the grocery (double-coupons at this store - yippee!) and then a trip back to the beach and back to the pool.....definitely a life of luxury out here and probably more of the same tomorrow.

Amelia Island Vacay

Hey guys! This is my view for the next week.....our family has been fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to stay at my friend's beach condo for all of this week. This is the delightful scene from our back porch [I'm borrowing this picture, but I promise it looks exactly the same].

I don't know if the wireless will hook up correctly, so I may have to venture out a few times to post, but if I don't make it, I promise to catch everyone up as soon as I get home. I can't wait to be a beach "bum" for an entire week! We stayed here once before 2 years ago and had our best family vacation ever!!! It sure beats the heck out of the long, sweaty lines at Disney World! (BTW, this is a shot of the beaches at Amelia Island.)

Take care!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I'm busy this morning having one of these:
My girlfriend and I have two each year, one in the summer and one in the fall. It's always fun and full of excitement. I don't know that I've ever done one by myself.....I've made a delicious pasta salad, stocked the fridge with bottled water and Cherry Lemonade, organized, sorted, purged, cleaned and priced, so I think we are ready to go! Wish me luck!

Friday, June 19, 2009

New Wristlet Designs

I had two new requests for Wristlet purses, one for a Harley lover and one for someone to wear on July 4th, but specifically, "No Flags" and here's what I came up with:
Don't the flames look fun?
And I love the little stars on this one!

BTW, I've started selling these little babies for $7.00/each through my e-mail. I haven't set up an Etsy shop yet, but maybe I'll consider it. :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

$39 Bedroom Redo

So, maybe this doesn't fall under the creative category, but I just had to show off the new bedding I picked up at Ikea for $39!!! I couldn't believe the price when I saw it. Here's a shot of the duvet cover:
I also picked up a pair of pillows that I fell in love with. They were a tad on the pricey side I think because they are handmade and have down inserts. They were priced at $24/each but I just had to have them to complete the "set" and all the colors went together so well with what I already had.
I also picked up the prettiest color of natural "straw" colored sheets but I need to get them washed and ready before I pair them with the new duvet. Next up is new lamps, curtain and blinds. How soon until we go back?

(click on the photos for a larger peek)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Birthday Trip

We made a special drive down to Orlando yesterday to visit this incredible place--
Can you tell that I'm still excited about it? It was my very first time visiting an Ikea and what a great time it was!

We looked and we looked and we shopped and then we shopped some more! It was a little visually overwhelming, but once I "collected" myself, I managed to organized my "desires" and I came home with a few treats. Happy Birthday to me! I'll share some peeks later!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bind-it-All Project

I completed my first Bind-it-All project today and I was sweating bullets the entire time! I finished this book for the girls to give to their Daddy for Father's Day. It's filled with pictures taken throughout the year (and prior) of them with their Dad doing various things. I'm always the one behind the camera, so I have lots of those kinds of pictures.

Here's the cover which I titled using my Cricut machine:

And here's the close up:

Usually, my hubby helps me with any kind of project involving "tools" - but I had to learn this one on my own. I mis-punched one page so I glued down a new edge and re-punched it. I thought about giving it to him unassembled and asking, "Can you help me put it together?" but I toughed it out and did a pretty good job.
I also used a set of matching papers I had on hand to keep things simple. The pages are embellished using my scallop punch and die cut stars. The girls added their own journaling to each page using journaling strips and doodle pens. Simple, quick and memorable at the same time!

Monday, June 15, 2009

This Week's Roll Call

Somehow this week I managed to book myself busy, I'm talking crazy busy... there will NOT be any lazy days of summer happening this week in my house.

Here's a sampling of my schedule:

Monday- lunch with a special 7-year old birthday girl - can't miss that & gymnastics in the afternoon
Tuesday- Huge birthday celebration (somebody's turning 4-0) which includes a shopping trip to Orlando for the day
Wednesday- Substitute Teacher Workshop and designing a bulletin board at school for next year's 3rd graders
Thursday- All day "get ready for a garage sale marathon" + dentist appointment + Stampin' Up workshop with friends
Friday- More "get ready" marathon
Saturday- Semi-annual garage sale & leaving for a week-long trip to the beach

Also, somewhere in there I need to design and put together an awesome idea I had for the girls' Father's Day gift as well as pack for our family vacation next week.

Is anybody else out there enjoying the "lazy days?"

Friday, June 12, 2009

Scenes from a Lemonade Stand

My youngest daughter had her first Lemonade & Cookie Stand yesterday in our front yard. She had such high hopes of people standing in line and waiting anxiously for her delicious treats. Here's a shot of her table underneath a nice covered shade tent.
In the end, after we moved out half of our house, including a stereo with Disney dance music, a fan to keep cool, a cooler and table for ice, her makeup box (in case someone wanted a makeover to go along with their Lemonade), 2 chairs, a whiteboard sign advertising her sale, and what you see here she made a total profit of $6.25!!! I was so proud of her for sticking through until the end (or at least when dinner was ready). And, I thought back on all those times I've seen other small children with their stands, next time I'm stopping at every single one!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Change is a "Good Thing"

O.K. Guys! Get ready for some MAJOR changes on the ole' blog....I don't know if you remember, but I won a blog makeover from Elizabeth Kartchner and it's almost ready! Erin did an amazing job listening to all my silly requests and putting together exactly what I wanted! It's looks so incredible I just can't wait to get it filled up with goodness! See you later!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Project Desk

Because my husband won't set up his own blog - which I think he should - I'm going to have a little bragging session on him right now!!

A few weeks ago, my friend asked me if my husband would take a look at this picture to see if he could possibly build the same thing, only much cheaper. (I think this desk from Pottery Barn retails for over $1,000.00.)

Well, after 3 days of work (on and off) here's what he has put together:

And here's another shot from the other side....each side has identical cubbie shelves as anchor pieces and legs of the tabletop:
Now, keep in mind that this is the unfinished, sanded version....my friend will be doing the painting and/or staining...but doesn't it look exactly like the catalog version...and it was less than $200.00 for the entire thing!!! What an incredible gift he has at duplicating pieces we find in the catalogs.....I'll have to show you more....his talent is definitely spread throughout our entire home.

I just wanted to share...and brag a bit! He's my sweetie!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Black & White Variations

I had a few requests for some black and white Wristlet purses, with specific colored ribbon handles and these are what I came up with. I never knew these purses would become so popular! I guess my fondness of them was contagious! Here's a polka dot variety:

This is a simple swirl design with a pink ribbon handle:

And this one matches my camera strap....I love this fabric....this particular person wanted a teal/blue ribbon handle.
And that's what I've been working on for the past few days....my sewing machine is ready for a rest and I'm ready to move on to something else. I've got a special Father's Day gift I want to work on if I can only drag myself away from the needle and thread.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

2 of 4

Here's a quick picture of two of the Wristlets I put together yesterday. I thought I would take pictures before the rain comes. (I'm still putting the finishing touches on the remaining two.)

I love this black floral pattern. It's so bright and cheery and makes me smile when I look at it. I also made a matching tissue cover with an orange polka dot liner.

This next one is a fabric that I picked out for myself. I love the color combination on this one too. When I showed it to my husband last night he said, "Hmmm...it's for yourself? You are gathering quite a collection." What can I say, but "YES, I am!"

Have a good one!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Wristlet Mania

No pictures today guys, but I'll have some tomorrow....I've been making Wristlet purses ALL DAY. My sister took hers to work and came back with an order for 5 different purses, so that's where I've been today, in front of the sewing machine. It's not that bad...we've had another unbelievably rainy day in Florida which makes for definite indoor time!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Heidi Grace Houses

Here's a card I made for a friend who just moved into a gorgeous new house. I mixed up the colors on this one, just playing off the designs on the Heidi Grace printed paper. I thought the little houses all lined up were so cute and would make a pretty card.
Here's the close up shot:
I realized once I had it almost finished that I didn't have a single stamped sentiment that said anything close to the moving theme, so I went with an old stand-by, my Hero Arts stamp that says, "Best Wishes."
I also gave her a little treat bag filled with a few of my "Favorite Things" just like on Oprah's show, only I didn't hand out expensive perfume, watches or cars, we are talking simple favorites when it comes to my gift giving. Instead, I gave her a set of my favorite bar mop towels, the new recycled sponges from Scotch brand, a white dish to put by her sink and some Meyer's spray cleaner.
The next photo shows a little wooden house that I covered with paper to use as a decoration for her gift bag. It was a fun project and took just a few minutes to put together. [Sorry about the lighting...we had another rainy, stormy day in Florida.]

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pinwheel & More

Check out those grey skies in the background...this is what we woke up to this morning in Sunny Florida on the last day of school! Nevertheless, I wanted to take a quick shot of this really cute pinwheel my husband made for me last night to attach to our gift bag for the school's crossing guard.
I made him a huge bag of "Butterkrunch Popcorn" and decorated his entire gift bag in orange, orange tissue, orange ribbon and just to make it a little more festive, an orange pinwheel. The popcorn is so yummy, I hope he enjoys it!

Next up, is a picture of the cutest little wrapped brownie I received during the NE Florida Shop Hop. During the Shop Hop all of the participating stores have little treats and drinks for their special shoppers. One store in Lake City was giving away these pretty little treats. It was too pretty to unwrap so I thought I'd better take a picture before the idea escaped my brain....I believe she may have used one of those molded brownie trays by Wilton to form her little brownie cake. So cute!

That's it for today, summer vacation is finally here and I can't wait to see what I can get into next! Stay tuned!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A New Love

I've fallen in love with these little "Wristlet" purses. Yesterday, I got together with a friend and made some new ones. I thought I would give a few of them away, but I can't decide...I love them all. So far, my most favorite is this one below, the fabric pattern is called "Woodstock."
Here's one made from an extra piece of Batik fabric. I love the patterned design.
This last one is from another piece of Batik fabric. I love the design on this one too....see what I mean?