Thursday, February 26, 2009

Twenty-Five Cent Explosion

Well, not an explosion in the real sense of the word, but an "explosion card." [I needed a catchy title.] My daughter finally decided what she wanted to do for her 9th birthday party so I got to work on some invitations yesterday afternoon. After having some "down time" in the creative department, I was a little stumped about what to do. I left the pieces to sit overnight on my desk until the ideas came to me this morning.
I used two pieces of American Crafts cardstock I picked up at Michael's for $.12/each and pieces of scrap red & yellow cardstock. I also remembered my awesome Cuttlebug embossing folder with random numbers that I love to use on anything related to birthdays. The aqua blue square was punched using my Nestabilities dies and is actually the reverse side of this American Crafts patterned paper. The yellow tab was made from the Stampin' Up round tab punch, another favorite. I placed the tab on the left side of the card so that the girls would know how to open the card.

Here's a shot of the inside which expands to reveal all of the party information. This was easy using the computer and a journaling font.

The next thing I had to decide was how to encase the card inside of an envelope. The yellow tab made that a little tricky. I decided to use a white CD envelope. I sliced the flap off with my X-acto knife and slid in the invitation. I think I will print the recipient's name on a round label and attach it to the front. All together these invitations were less than $1.00 for 4. Nothing like having a week to plan a's easy with simple projects like this.

New Momma

Congratulations goes out to my friend Arlena!! Here she is a few days ago...
and today she delivered a beautiful baby girl! Welcome to the world Baby Lindsey! She arrived this morning at 11:00 am, weighing 8 pounds and measuring 21 inches long. I can't wait to meet you and take a gazillion pictures of you! Your family is so sweet and we are so happy to be a part of this wonderful celebration!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Chalkboard Craft

I went back to Michael's and purchased two of these heart-shaped press board pieces for 99/cents each. I wanted to use more of that fabulous chalkboard paint (here's a picture of the container) that we used on my white craft cabinet. I decided to make the girls their own doorknob chalkboard. This project took about 30 minutes total for both. I applied a little Mod Podge, a little bit of scrapbook paper and ribbon....and
then I attached a little felt pocket to hold a few pieces of chalk. One chalkboard was done in pink and white and the other in blue and purple.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lip Lollipops

My daughter requested these chocolate lollipops for her Valentine classroom treat. They are a cinch to make so I happily obliged! I used the Wilton red chocolate melting wafers. I put a small amount in a glass bowl and heated it in the microwave for 1 minute. Stir the wafers while they are hot and then spoon the chocolate into these candy mold trays and add a lollipop stick. I find that using an off-set spatula (pictured) is the best way to flatten the back and scrape off the excess chocolate. Next, they go in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes.
Once you pop them out they are shiny and gorgeous! I lay them out on wax paper just so they can come to room temperature before I package them.
To prepare them for the Valentine exchange, I packaged them in lollipop bags and attached a foil closure to keep the bag sealed. This was an easy afternoon treat!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Unconventional Gifts

I decided to do something different for the teacher's Valentines gifts this year. Although I may add a bag of freshly baked cookies, I decided to go the non-chocolate route. I saw first-hand the unbelievable load of chocolate my daughter's third-grade teacher received for Christmas, so I thought I would treat their waistlines to a little something non-edible.
These little tissue holders are a cinch to whip up, and use only a small amount of fabric, which I had in my stash. The pattern I use is for the Puffs personal tissues which are way better than the Kleenex brand, in my opinion. I know my third-grade teacher has a pink and black tote bag so I made the pink one for her.
My younger daughter's teacher has a black and white Vera Bradley bag, so I thought this pattern worked for her. I placed each one in a cello bag and attached a little homemade tag using my square Nestabilities dies. I think I'll make one for me next!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Puppy Project

This post is coming to you thanks to my hubby. My daughter's first grade class had a "family assignment" to transform a recyclable container (we used a plastic milk jug) into a "Valentine Beastie" of our choice. My daughter's first choice was a puppy. She's the same one who had the puppy party in August (pictures can be found by clicking on August, 2008). My husband took the lead on this project and came up with this cutie Saturday afternoon. His legs were made by hot-gluing dowel scraps to the milk jug before covering the entire thing with felt. There is a large square cut out of the top of the puppy's back to hold all of the Valentine treats the class will exchange. Good job!! And the best part is we didn't have to buy a single thing!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Craft Cabinet Re-Do

I think in a previous post I showed you all the interior of this white cabinet. It holds all of the craft supplies my daughters are allowed to use, on their own, without asking for permission. My stuff, now that's a different story. This cabinet holds plenty of stuff: rubber stamps, paint and brushes, books, felt, foam and pom poms, glue, glitter, beads, etc. I actually lucked out and found the cabinet in the trash and I knew exactly what I was going to do with it.
The front of the cabinet was a little roughed-up, but I quickly disguised it by using some Pottery Barn art clips a friend gave me. You can see 1 of 3 still left on the front of the right door. Well, the other day I was browsing for a birthday gift at Michael's and I came across an entire row of new products designed around a line of chalkboard paints they are now carrying. Lots of really cute colors including, pink, orange and the traditional black. I went back with a 50% off coupon and purchased a container of the black-colored paint for $3.50 (regular price is $6.99).
My husband was kind enough to paint the doors for me and then he added a little bit of trim, which was less than $10 and now we have a new craft cabinet! My girls saw it soon after it was done and immediately added the smiley face and cupcake. BTW, I added the carrot knobs after we got the cabinet. I found them at a discount store for $1.00/each. I didn't like the cheapy plastic knobs it came with. Now what am I going to do with the Pottery Barn art clips? Anyone interested?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Cheap, Easy & Cute

In less than an hour I put together 20 of these playdoh goodies for Valentine's Day. The price was right too, $2.49 for the playdoh at the half-off sale after Christmas, 32 cents for the paper (it only took two sheets) and half of a $1.99 pack of stickers. I think the first graders will be happy to have some new smelly stuff to play with.