Monday, June 15, 2009

This Week's Roll Call

Somehow this week I managed to book myself busy, I'm talking crazy busy... there will NOT be any lazy days of summer happening this week in my house.

Here's a sampling of my schedule:

Monday- lunch with a special 7-year old birthday girl - can't miss that & gymnastics in the afternoon
Tuesday- Huge birthday celebration (somebody's turning 4-0) which includes a shopping trip to Orlando for the day
Wednesday- Substitute Teacher Workshop and designing a bulletin board at school for next year's 3rd graders
Thursday- All day "get ready for a garage sale marathon" + dentist appointment + Stampin' Up workshop with friends
Friday- More "get ready" marathon
Saturday- Semi-annual garage sale & leaving for a week-long trip to the beach

Also, somewhere in there I need to design and put together an awesome idea I had for the girls' Father's Day gift as well as pack for our family vacation next week.

Is anybody else out there enjoying the "lazy days?"

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