Friday, June 12, 2009

Scenes from a Lemonade Stand

My youngest daughter had her first Lemonade & Cookie Stand yesterday in our front yard. She had such high hopes of people standing in line and waiting anxiously for her delicious treats. Here's a shot of her table underneath a nice covered shade tent.
In the end, after we moved out half of our house, including a stereo with Disney dance music, a fan to keep cool, a cooler and table for ice, her makeup box (in case someone wanted a makeover to go along with their Lemonade), 2 chairs, a whiteboard sign advertising her sale, and what you see here she made a total profit of $6.25!!! I was so proud of her for sticking through until the end (or at least when dinner was ready). And, I thought back on all those times I've seen other small children with their stands, next time I'm stopping at every single one!

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