Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Project Desk

Because my husband won't set up his own blog - which I think he should - I'm going to have a little bragging session on him right now!!

A few weeks ago, my friend asked me if my husband would take a look at this picture to see if he could possibly build the same thing, only much cheaper. (I think this desk from Pottery Barn retails for over $1,000.00.)

Well, after 3 days of work (on and off) here's what he has put together:

And here's another shot from the other side....each side has identical cubbie shelves as anchor pieces and legs of the tabletop:
Now, keep in mind that this is the unfinished, sanded friend will be doing the painting and/or staining...but doesn't it look exactly like the catalog version...and it was less than $200.00 for the entire thing!!! What an incredible gift he has at duplicating pieces we find in the catalogs.....I'll have to show you more....his talent is definitely spread throughout our entire home.

I just wanted to share...and brag a bit! He's my sweetie!

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Michelle said...

wow! Your hubby did a fabulous job building that desk...and under $200...WOW! Kudos to your hubby.