Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Ellen Day

My mother-in-law's birthday fell on Mother's Day this year. As we were planning our day - trying to include both Moms (she and I) on this very special day, I asked my husband if anyone was bringing his Mom a cake. He said, "probably not." So, as he was headed to the grocery store to buy us all some goodies for Mother's Day breakfast, I told him to pick up some chocolate chip cookie dough. I have gotten a ton of use out of this Wilton cookie cake pan. It makes the most delicious cookie cakes and it's WAY cheaper than buying one at the bakery. We didn't have much time this morning, but this is a picture of the cake we presented to my mother-in-law for her birthday and to also celebrate Mother's Day. (It was my husband's idea to decorate it with "Happy Ellen Day.") She was surprised and enjoyed the thoughtful gesture. (If we would have had more time I would have used another color of frosting, but "green apple" was the color I chose to use for today.)