Friday, May 9, 2008

Cupcake Bites - First Attempt

On Martha a few weeks back she had a guest who shared a technique for making the CUTEST cupcakes I've ever seen - they were actually called "cupcake bites" because they are miniature versions of the original and decorated with dipped chocolate instead of the standard "frosting." Well, I decided that for this week's kindergarten Mother's Day luncheon I would make some, or at least "attempt" to make some to share with the class and the visiting moms. I think they turned out well for a first attempt. They are actually made using a 9x13 sized cake that is ground up and mixed with a container of cream cheese frosting. Then you form the cake into round balls and press each one through a small cookie cutter giving it a cupcake shape. (That process is very messy!) I need to get a smaller cookie cutter to form the bottom of the cupcake. The one I used is 1.5" wide and the original directions suggest using one that is 1.25" wide. The last step is to dip each side of the cupcake bite into melted chocolate. Because my cake "balls" were bigger I decided not to put the bites on a lollipop stick (as they showed on Martha), but rather just leave them on a serving tray for the party. A tray is also much easier to transport and less mess for the children. I was hoping to have the mother's cupcake bites (I made 12 for the children, and 12 for the moms) wrapped in a pretty bag with a pretty tie but, maybe next time. And, we also HAD to taste one - they are very rich and one is just about all you want to eat. Good thing for me!