Friday, March 27, 2009

Daisy Chain Backsack & More

I laid my hands on some Amy Butler "Daisy Chain" fabric the other day. I made a special trip to a wonderful quilting/antique store on the other side of town just to make this splurge [$15] purchase.
I've been wanting to try my novice hands at constructing a backsack for quite some time. I checked out the Vera Bradley selection at a local store but I couldn't see parting with $42 for just the bag and nothing to go with it. Plus, I couldn't decide on ONE fabric choice....all the colors were so wonderful.

So, what did I do next? I went to the computer and found a pattern to make my own. This was definitely a "live-and-learn" project, and if it hadn't been for my husband's genius mind I would have never completed it. The pattern was very lacking with the "specifics" and the illustrations were also hard to follow. As a result, we may be writing our own pattern [for a tutorial] very soon (while it's still fresh in our brains).

I'm still very pleased with the result and I can't wait to use it! For this shot, I had my little, willing and able model show it off.

Next, I had to make a matching tissue holder using the lining fabric.

Along with a change purse where I added a couple of scrapbooking felted embellishments.

The last two pieces were so easy I may make a few more for my very first GIVEAWAY! Would you like to WIN one?

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Anonymous said...

Carla I love the bag! Will you make one for me. lol