Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bunny Pin

I have been seeing bunnies and inspiration everywhere lately! I can't stand it...I have to create something and it's something new everyday! Inspiration is all over!

Saturday, I attended a huge community sale at a school and saw a booth with handmade felt loveliness and goodies including pins and covered onesies. Although I didn't look at everything really closely [like I should have] I did see the cutest bunny pin from across the way.

Using that as inspiration, this is what I came up with this morning.
I really wanted a brown bunny, but using what I had on hand, I found this really soft gray felt that I thought would work just perfectly.

This was really simple and quick. The pom-pom tail was attached using hot glue.

I decided to attach it to a card for presentation.
This picture shows you how I attached it to the cardstock.

Now I'm off to make a few more unless I get distracted by another inspirational idea!

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