Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Alternative Thinking

My love for ribbon on my scrapbook pages, and in my crafts, created the need for a ribbon iron. After seeing the "fancy" ones at the scrapbook stores, I decided there must be a cheaper alternative. On a very quick - the kids and hubby were waiting in the car kind of quick - outing to a garage sale I found this Revlon hair iron, the very skinny kind....and it was a terrific bargain at only 50 cents....definitely within my scrapper's budget. It turned into the perfect ribbon iron. I keep it in the craft room, it never goes in the bathroom, and it works like a dream. (I've since seen this exact one at the discount store for $14.00!!) I used it on this pretty wrapped wedding present to give the satin ribbon a crisp, not crumpy appearance. Little things like this remind me, on a daily basis, to think of the alternative.