Saturday, February 9, 2008

Two Good Finds

O.K., so this post is not really about anything "creative" other than I added some organizational elements to my craft room - some things that have been on my wish list for quite some time. I had the chance this morning to visit some local garage sales and was able to find 3 things on my "list." Two of the things I bought will go to good use in my craft room. The first is this swivel tv stand. When we relocated my tv to the top of my filing cabinet I asked my husband to build me a stand so that the DVD player and VCR could be placed underneath and hopefully, would save some space. Well, the stand never got built and I just used the pieces as they were. Well, this morning, I spied a perfect-sized stand, and it swivels, at a garage sale for the cheap price of $2!!! It fits perfectly and I am enjoying it right this very second. The second piece that was on my list was a file organizer for my page ideas. I have a box that I use on my desktop, but I always seem to forget about the files because I can't see them...this way, now that they are organized and visible, I hope to get much more use out of them. And, it was a steal for only $1.00.