Tuesday, February 12, 2008

More Valentine's Day Treats

Hey! Well, there's more Valentine's Day treats going on around here. I am preparing to volunteer in my daughter's 2nd grade classroom this afternoon, but I wanted to quickly get a card and treat in the mail for my sister. This was a card I made a while back and I just decided this morning to embellish it with some Prima paper flowers. It is also packaged in a fabulous cello envelope. I am crazy about cellophane - I just love it. Also, because I am looking out for her health *snicker* I decided to buy her a fancy dish scrubber vs. some divine-tasting chocolate candy bar. I know she will love the scrubber just the same. Even if she doesn't, I know she will love getting a treat in the mail - because we all do! Well, the shower is calling me! Have a great day!