Tuesday, February 12, 2008

2nd Grade Valentine Pails

Whew! The Valentine pails in my daugther's 2nd grade class were a huge success. I couldn't believe how excited all the children were. Even the boys were into the entire creative process, including adding ribbons knots to their pails' handles. All the girls got a special treat - special silk flowers added to their handles. I am so glad that I thought of the idea to save these ice cream buckets - if you know me, you know that I have a very hard time throwing something useful away. It literally hurts me inside. So many of the kids cracked me up by saying, "this is the best craft I've ever done." One child even said, "In all of my 7 years, this is the best craft I've ever seen." It was a fun time! I wanted to get a better picture of the pails, but the class was getting ready to watch a Valentine's movie and the lights were getting turned off. Anyways, you get the idea!