Saturday, January 12, 2008


I've read two articles in the past few days about the importance of "Rest" in our everyday lives. And, while I am not a big promoter of doing "nothing" - I am one of those people who has a hard time "relaxing" - I thought I would make this change for myself in the New Year. Why not take a few minutes to turn everything off and enjoy the quietness of the day? Sometimes reading during the day makes me sleepy so that's not an option for me. My rest includes cuddling up with one of my children and talking quietly, laying down by myself and closing my eyes, sitting with my head rested on the back of a cozy chair, or finding my dog and petting her gently for a few minutes.

One of the books I read said that rest during the day makes you sleep better at night. Who would have thunk it? I didn't believe it until I tried it this past Monday. During the afternoon, while my girls were at school I took the time to lie down and be still for about 30 minutes and that night I slept really well.

I'll take resting as a resolution over losing weight any day! I lose weight, but it just seems to find me again.