Saturday, January 5, 2008

One of my Favorite Tools

One of my favorite organizing tools is the white notebook. I have them on two separate shelves in my craft room. Whenever I see a new one at a garage sale I always pick it up. In fact, I think I have a small box of new binders in my attic just waiting to be filled with something "important." One of the organizing tasks I am working on this morning is putting new pages into my "Page Idea" binder. I refer to this binder a lot when I am looking for inspiration on my scrapbook pages. Whenever I finish a scrapbook magazine I will use my x-acto knife to remove my favorite pages. Some people have a hard time getting rid of magazines, but my take on this is, "Why do you want to keep the entire magazine and let it take up so much space in your home?" Just keep the pages of the magazine that truly inspire you and then pass along the magazine to a friend or recycle it. Other binders that I keep in my craft room include: Stencils, Stickers, Rub Ons, Card Ideas, Craft Ideas, a Home Journal and several more. They keep my pages and notes upright in a vertical (organized) position instead of lying in a horizontal pile of papers - a big no-no! Try one out today!