Sunday, January 6, 2008

It Was Fun While it Lasted

Well, I thought I would just completely not mention my bad news, but I can hardly not let it surface at this trusty Dell laptop, the one my husband so graciously passed down to me for my own personal use - it was so much nicer than the big, hunky, junky old one we had - CRASHED and burned this morning. I went to log on, part of my normal morning routine: make beds, straighten up couch, get breakfast ready, make sure front door is locked, etc., etc., and the "death" screen came up with an error message. BTW, my husband says that anytime you get the "blue" screen with the white writing his buddies at work (the computer techs) call it the "death" screen. I let my husband take a look and shortly afterwards he came out with the bad news. Now what am I gonna do? At the moment, I am using his new laptop. It's not that bad, but I felt like I was "friends" with my Dell. Oh well, I've learned to not be surprised at this point. I think the last time my computer crashed I was so let down....I depended on that thing and thought it would last forever. My posts may be fewer and far between now, I'll keep my fingers crossed.