Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Next Up, Valentine's Day

Well, I'm moving on to the next holiday already...Valentine's Day. This day is such a cute, delightful day. I purchased some goodies this morning for my two girls. I'm not sure yet what I will get for my "Valentine" we often have a hard time finding gifts for each other. I also bought some really cute decorations for our French doors - have you ever used window jellies? I've seen them, but never used them until this morning. They are so cute and so easy! I placed them up high, so the girls wouldn't be tempted by how squishy and gel-like they really are. I spotted these at Target right after the Christmas holiday and thought I would wait and get them later. Well, I went back this morning and noticed that my favorite sheet (the one with the cupcakes) was almost sold out - I guess everybody thought they were cute too. I can't wait to see the girls' response when they get home from school today.