Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pages to Share

I found myself way behind on the pages of my "40th" album...remember the one my sister made for my birthday that I should have been keeping up with [daily, weekly, monthly???]...well, I sat down over the holiday break and made of list of some things that I wanted to include and got busy. Some of these pages are good [in my humble opinion] and some are just "put together" and I'm happy with know how that goes sometimes.

I made this page to celebrate winning a book from the Papercrafts blog. I was hugely excited to win such a great prize. [Although this page came together easily, I can't put my finger on what it's missing...]
This next page was done to remember the time I spent making moose costumes for my daughter's 2nd grade class. We made moose antlers, hooves and muffins in a stack. In the end, all the work (and burnt fingers) were worth it because the kids had a great time. Did you notice the mini-antlers I added to the "Super Costume" award ribbon?
Next up, is a page documenting our "101" and "202" photography classes that we took in July and August. There's so much our cameras will do, it's just hard for me to remember everything. I kept a notebook of meticulous notes and refer back to them often. I love the colors on this page.
And last up, is a page reflecting back on a neat Christmas activity we did with the girls on Christmas Eve St. Augustine they have trolley tours that take you throughout the city. At Christmas, they run the trolleys at night so you can see the city with all of its pretty Christmas lights everywhere. During the tour you sing songs, drink hot apple cider and munch on delicious sugar cookies. It was so much fun and the weather was perfect.
Here's a close up of my snowflake embellies:
The only bad thing was with the trolley moving about and the darkness of the night, it was so hard to get any good pictures. My husband managed to sneak in these two shots and for that I am thankful. They aren't the best, but good enough for me when that's all I've got.
I'll be back with more! Thanks for letting me share.

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