Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Easy Idea Storage

One way I keep all of my "creative" ideas sorted is with white notebooks. I have collections of them in various places in my house. I have them in the kitchen for recipes and coupons, my girls keep notebooks of special drawings in their rooms, and I have a shelf in my craft room of these notebooks:
I am a huge magazine fan...love to read them....all kinds and at all times, and I always fold down the pages of ideas I would like to keep whether it be for a tile project in my kitchen, something to do outside, something I would like to sew, or a special treat I would like to make for a classroom holiday. Before I give a magazine away, take it to the "friends" shelf at the library, or recycle it, I go through and cut out the pages I want to keep.

After the page has been cut out, I use my 3-hole punch and file it away in its appropriate notebook. This particular notebook (below) is my holiday notebook and I have it separated using dividing pages (with tabs) according to each particular holiday.
Having everything filed makes it so easy when I want to look at upcoming ideas for future holidays, find a template to sew a Christmas stocking, or make my favorite sausage and potato soup. I love using notebooks.
If you haven't tried this organizing system, give it a try!

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