Monday, August 10, 2009

Cupcake Party - Part II

Hi there! I'm back with more [exciting] scenes from our cupcake's our party table with some of the components from yesterday's post. I found the tablecloth at Target two weeks ago as part of their 50% off summer sale. I thought the colors were perfect for our party.
This is how I sorted the toppings that the girls used on their cupcake designs. I found this sweet divided tray at a garage sale for $1.00. We used two different kinds of sprinkles, flowers and dots, mini chocolate chips, and teeny tiny gummy bears. I also had cherries on stand by for toppers.
Next up is a picture of my kitchen/party craft space. I removed my kitchen table and chairs and brought in this 5-foot folding table and covered it with kraft paper. I also hung some Martha Stewart paper flowers that I found on clearance a few months back at Wal-Mart. They are so pretty, we don't want to take them down....what a bargain for $5.00/5. I also hung up my "Celebrate" fabric banner. On the table, each girl had their own place mat (neon copy paper) and supplies to create a set of cupcake stationery to take home. This was the set I bought from Oriental Trading and it was a huge hit. The cards each girl made turned out so pretty. We had some creative girls making some wonderful creations.
Here's a shot of the dining room table and the party girl. Right behind her is the chair I decorated just for her using two colors of ribbon and some tulle....this was really easy and she felt special having a particular chair for her very own. More Martha Stewart flowers, I had 10 in all.
And here's a cute picture of the birthday girl - not looking at me - which I thought was cool - and her pull-apart cupcake birthday cake. She didn't want a regular cake or an ice cream cake, she wanted a pull-apart cake this year so we watched a video from You Tube and came up with this design. It certainly beat out the $35 price tag from Publix. We think we invested about $7 on ours.
That's it for now...I may have a few stray pictures coming back to you now and then....I hope you don't mind. We had a great time!!

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