Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"Taggie" Football

I found a really cute idea on another blog for a baby's "Taggie" football. I've made "Taggie" blankets before, but I never thought of using the idea to form a shape. This is what I started with: a lense pattern that measured 3"x7" which I used to cut 4 pieces out of brown fleece. I also had on hand some American Crafts ribbon and brown thread.

Next, once I cut the fleece out, I cut various pieces of ribbon into 4 inch lengths. Sew two sides together at a time and put all 4 sides together, stuff with batting and stitch it closed. The last thing is to add embroidery thread to create the look of real football stitching (but I haven't done that yet). I am showing you the front side of the ball with the two pacifier clips I've already made.

I need hubby's help on the stitching while I make a card. I feel confident my friend won't have two of these amongst all of her baby's gifts.

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