Sunday, January 18, 2009

Baby Girl on the Way

As I mentioned yesterday, my good friend is having her second child, a girl, at the end of February. I've had a few things on my "To Do" list that I wanted to make for her, the first being the heart-shaped button picture that I made yesterday. The second thing I wanted to put together are some customized "binkie" holders. I bought a few outfits for the new baby and put these pacifier holders together this morning to match the outfits. I found a tutorial on another blog and just followed along. The ribbon came from Michael's and the "mitten" clips are from JoAnn's (the pacifier will be held in place by unhooking the velcro dots attached to the end of the ribbon). These came together really quickly and cost less than $5.00 for both. I also made a quick card using the scraps from the button picture. What's next?

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