Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Puppy Party a few days Prior

As promised, I have a few pictures to share of the games & stuff we will have on Saturday for our puppy party. I have been known to not take any pictures beforehand, have the event, the event is over and "Uh-oh....no pictures." So, this time, I decided to take some BEFORE the big day! I'm so glad I began the preparation on all of this stuff way ahead of time....back in June, because now I can sit back and have lazy mornings like today and not be so stressed out. We are taking the birthday girl on a fun-filled day at the beach and pool on Thursday (her official birthday) and Friday will be left for cleaning and decorating. And, sometime in between, maybe beginning tomorrow, I will cook the cake and decorate it. The pictures today include a "Feed the Dog" game board that my crafty husband made, a "Dog Bone Count" guessing jar which is also another game the kiddos will play, my famous goodie bags stuffed with really neat stuff, and our "Welcome" sign for the front door. I've also made paw print lollipops out of chocolate which I will share later. And, I took some really inexpensive plastic bowls from Target and put each child's name on the front with a paint pen. We will use those for their "dog bowls" to serve with cake and ice cream. We've really been able to accomplish a lot on a small scale budget and a big bank of imagination. I can't wait for Saturday!!

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