Tuesday, August 5, 2008

"I Want it Painted Blue"

I was able to get my hands on a really adorable chandelier via the freecycle website. I saw the posting and I knew right away what I wanted it for...."Abby's room." The owner of the chandelier picked me and even delivered it to my house. After a few modifications, turning the lights in the opposite direction and painting it a really cool color of blue (which Abby chose herself) it is now hanging as the focal point in Abby's room. I had hopes to really snaz up her room this summer, but I've come to realize it will have to get done during the school year, because we have simply been busy with "other things." Sometimes, that happens. She doesn't seemed to be too bothered about it anyways. I just thought I would share the pictures from her room. I really love the color she picked out...I would have gone with the standard [and safe] white or maybe the pink option....I love it!

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