Friday, August 29, 2008

Inspired Already

In my previous post I described a certain uninspired "funk" I was in for the moment. Well, once I got my hands on a new circular Halloween stamp I purchased (which was sitting in my supply basket), I was immediately struck with an idea. I recently found an idea for a mini-coaster clipboard. Well, because I don't have any extra restaurant coasters sitting around, I decided to use the next-best thing, black chipboard. Once I decided on my note paper, I chose the size for the chipboard. Using some Halloween patterned paper from my stash, I covered the chipboard on both sides. I also attached a small piece of the patterned paper to the black binder clip. It still needed some "jazzing" up so I added a patterned strip of paper and a few punches from my scalloped set. I also decided, on this one, to use a "Thank You" stamp instead of the Halloween spider stamp. It will make a good hostess gift for my upcoming party.

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