Monday, July 28, 2008

Messenger Bag Re-do

We've looked everywhere for a backpack for my oldest daughter, Cayla. She wants a character backpack but we are not having any luck. Yesterday, while shopping, my husband came up with the brilliant idea to buy our own embellishments and make Cayla a "customized" messenger bag. So, off to Michael's they went. What she picked out is really cute, however, I knew that it was too good to be true. This morning, because we are having one of those "lazy" days with no plans, I thought it would be the perfect time to get the iron out and begin the process of putting this messenger bag together. I had the sneaky suspicion that the "Easy Instructions" wouldn't work as well as they said it would. Yeah right, iron for 15 seconds and voila! it's done....nope, not the case. After I ironed and waited the required 3 minutes, only half of the froggy rhinestones stuck to the bag. So, I ironed some more. This time only a few more of those little boogers decided to attach to the bag. Next, I tried the frog and monkey patches....those things NEVER stick the way they are supposed to. Well today, the monkeys decided to stick but the frogs had to be applied using fabric glue. I also, for the love of my daughter, and for the fact that I know she had her heart set on this being her "back to school bag" glued the remaining 50+ rhinestones onto her bag by hand using tweezers and a toothpick to help me out.

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