Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Pin One On for Size

Another detail I am adding to my niece's baby shower are these really cute diaper pins. They are one of our doorprize games. The guests will arrive at the shower and we will welcome them with a smile (of course) and a baby diaper pin. Each guest will have a pin to wear during the shower. At the end of the shower, the guests will remove their pins and look inside each one for the "prize" which is actually a mini-chocolate chip to resemble the familiar "prize" all new Moms love - poo poo!! It's a fun game because no one ever realizes that the entire time they were wearing the pin that there was something inside it. I made these today using a soft fleece material I purchased from JoAnn's yesterday for $1.00. I chose this really sweet green and white striped pattern because we do not know if Thara is carrying a boy or girl. I can't believe she waited to find out - that almost never happens anymore. I had a pattern that I created for another relative's baby shower and simply cut the fabric out today while watching Martha on tv. I also picked up (at 40% off) a set of the cutest pastel-colored safety pins to decorate the front of the diapers.