Thursday, April 3, 2008

Corsage Challenge

I decided that I would make a corsage to be worn by my niece at her baby shower in two weeks. What better time to tackle the "chore" but now while we are home on break from school. I have gotten soooo much done in the past few days. I made a pacifier corsage for my sister-in-law's shower a few years ago, but I wanted to do something different this time. This morning, I found a really neat picture of a mom-to-be corsage made from two baby socks. I thought, "hmmm, that looks easy," so off to Target I went to buy a pair of socks. I was in luck, they had an end cap with socks of all colors on sale for $1 a pair. I chose this really pretty purple pair in size 0-6 mos. In the picture, the socks are supposed to look like small rose buds, they are held together by the cuff of the socks and backed up by two green flowers. Well, I twisted and turned and pinned and pulled but I could not get those things to look like anything other than two skinny weird pieces of knitted cloth sticking up like fingers in a glove. I gave up and thought about trying plan "B" - but I didn't know what that was. This picture shows what I ultimately came up with. I dragged out a plastic tub of silk flowers that I have from a leftover project and found this really pretty yellow flower that I took apart. I also rolled the socks up (although I only used one for this project) and stuck a cotton ball in the center to give them a "flower" look. I pinned them together at the end to hold them from coming undone. I also used polka dot cardstock to make leaves. Who says leaves have to be green? I also tied a piece of white ribbon around the sock for an extra detail. She can pin it on by using the sticky-back pin I attached to the opposite side. I hope she likes [and appreciates] it....I don't even want to discuss how much time I spent coming up with the idea.