Monday, April 14, 2008

Magical M&Ms

Well, now that the baby shower is officially over - it was this past Saturday - I am moving forward (at a fast pace) with my next big "project" which is celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week at my daughters' school. It is the week of May 5th. My position on the Parent Faculty Board is Hospitality, and with it comes the responsibility of planning the entire event. I have already begun putting many pieces together to celebrate the teachers and the faculty. We have 84 total. Hopefully, in the next few days, I can put the final touches on everything. This picture shows one of the goodies we will place in their teacher cubbies - Magical M&Ms. I found the idea on-line and thought it would something cute and inexpensive. The only problem was that the original idea used a plastic test tube (going from the bottom line of the poem) that was just darling....well, I couldn't find anything local that was less than $1/each and I didn't want to order from a bar supply catalog. Eventually, I got my hands on a cellophane bag catalog and found these clear poster bags that worked perfectly. We filled each bag with 2 ounces of candy, tied a ribbon and attached the poem. What do you think?