Sunday, April 27, 2008

Fast, Faster & Fastest

I worked on a few design concepts today for a set of sneaker tags and a pair of shoelaces. The vice principal at my daughter's school asked me to help her out. She is so sweet I could never tell her "no." Anyways, the sour cream containers are new to me. It took me several tries, 4 to be exact, to figure out that it's WAY easier to use text-weight paper vs. cardstock. The cardstock is just too heavy and doesn't form the puff in the middle that you need to give it that look of an actual sour cream container. Who ever thought of putting sour cream in such an odd-shaped container? I'm so glad they did!! Anyways, because she is a little craft-challenged and definitely time-challenged, I thought I would give her the option of having something really easy and some thing a little bit more involved. The sneaker card is the fast version, the sour cream container is the faster version and the lollipop bag with the scalloped tag is the fastest version. Which one is your favorite? Mine is the sour cream's just so darn cute.