Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Few New Things

So remember in this post when I mentioned that I was going to share with you my new "solar powered" clothes dryer....(a direct quote given by my sister) well here's my new $2.00 Garage Sale find:
And now I'm just loving spending a few minutes in the mornings hanging my laundry out to dry.  It's a funny thing, one of my girls actually said, "What's that smell on my clothes?" And I realized they have never had their clothes hung on the line to dry (because we've always used the clothes dryer since moving into this new home 10+ years ago) I responded, "that's fresh air & sunshine!"

By the way, I didn't get a picture of it in the shot, but we decided that because this line is collapsible, we wouldn't mount it in the ground, but rather in a white bakery bucket filled with cement and a large PVC pipe. I wanted to be able to store the line if we needed more space on the patio.

Next, I wanted to show you the new shelf we bought on a recent trip to's a CD shelf and was a steal at $5.99:
I was looking for a way to store all of my Papertrey Ink CD cases together, but without taking up room on my countertop. My countertop space is saved for top priority items that I use every time I put something together and I didn't want to move's a closer shot:
I believe this shelf will hold a total of 76 cases, so that should hold me over for at least a little while. :) (Sorry about not getting the full-length shot, I was being a little bit lazy and didn't want to remove my zoom lens.)

Working on some spring cleaning, so I'll see you later!


Katie H. said...

Very nice...Now I need one of those = )...Great idea Carla. Thanks so much for sharing!

Latté Mama said...

I love organizational tools! I recently started to scrapbook again, but got a little overwhelmed. Your shelf looks great!