Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Kitchen Toy

We did some shopping over Spring Break and I got my hands on this lovely new "toy" for my kitchen:
We have a couple of waffle lovers in our house so making belgian waffles from this lovely was really a treat. Today was the first morning we had a chance to try it out since purchasing it on Tuesday.  Let me just say...."They were great!"
No, that wasn't my plate....but I could have certainly eaten that many....actually, that is a picture of what was left once everyone was done.  And, another good thing we found out, they are the perfect size for our T-fal toaster.  We will be popping these babies in the toaster tomorrow before school for a quick and delicious breakfast treat. 

I also heard that you can use it to bake brownies and quick breads, so you know I'll be trying out that feature as well.


Katie H. said...

When can we come over for breakfast? Yummy!!! Have fun with your new toy...If you need someone to be your "test subject" I will gladly volunteer! = ).

Kristen Duke Photography said...

what? some bacon was left behind??? not at my house:)