Saturday, April 17, 2010

Any Given Saturday

On any given Saturday in Spring you can find me at one of these....
Anyone who knows me, knows that I am huge, huge Garage Sale fan! I love the hunt and thrill of finding random major bargains.  Why pay retail? Heck, with Garage Sale prices, my philosophy is why even pay clearance? I was on a roll this afternoon, ready to take an arm load of photos to show you guys the good deals I've snagged these past couple of weeks, but then, poop ---- my camera battery died.  I did get this shot first:
I scooped up all of these serger spools (and two extras that wouldn't fit in the shot) for only $5.00!! I don't have a serger yet, but it is something on my *wish* list. (The retail price stickers on these spools were $2.99 & $3.99/each.)

I also found one of these:

but sadly, I decided to pass it up.  (Can you tell I'm regretting that decision now?) It was one of those times I talked myself out of something because I decided I really didn't need a second bundt pan....but how often do you find one like a garage sale...for $3.00!!!  Argh!

Next up, is something that hubby decided to try out this afternoon:
And because I'm loving the food photography (in manual mode) right now, I decided to take a second shot...
He cooked up some homemade sweet potato chips...and boy were they delicious! I think I could have eaten the whole bowl.

Well, I promise to be back with another series of pictures, including my new "solar" powered clothes dryer, my new "Coach" and my storage solution for all of those Papertrey Ink CDs cases I've been "collecting."

Have a good one!


Kristen Duke Photography said...

I also LOVE garage sales! I used to joke with my husband that the only thing that pulls me out of bed on Saturday mornings is a neighborhood garage sale. If I ever had a bumper sticker, it would say, "I wake for garage sales."

Thanks for your e-hug on idea room blog. I commented back to you ,but thought I'd hop over here, too. Fun and colorful blog:)

Anonymous said...

I wonder where I've heard that saying..."solar" powered clothes dryer? Oh yeah, that's right!! I said it first! Love ya sis, Teresa

Carla G. said...

O.K. O.K. I admit, I "took" that saying from you....I can't be so clever ALL the time....sometimes I "borrow."