Thursday, October 29, 2009

Puttin' It All Together

I spent a little bit of time this morning working on some Halloween classroom goodies for my 2nd grade daughter to pass out tomorrow. She actually went through my craft idea notebook and picked out this craft.

We found the small containers at Michael's in their wedding department. The cost was $10 for 30 (with a coupon). Next, I bought some Halloween M&Ms and went to work...

First, I filled each container with a small amount of candy. I also applied a small glue dot to the side-center of each container (you can see it here).
Next, I used some of my favorite purple twill ribbon to wrap around the side of each container. My local rubber stamp store sells this twill (in all different colors) for only 20/cents a yard. I love it!
Lastly, I used my scrapbook adhesive to apply a Stampin' Up "Batty for You" image to the center of each top. These were prepared much earlier in the month to make everything a little bit easier during *crunch* time....which is now!!
And here is part of my stash of 18 stacked high in a pretty treat container!
Later gator!

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