Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Jar Cookies

I found this recipe and idea from this amazing blog and decided I had to put at least one together. I would encourage you all to check out Living Locurto's blog....she's got some wonderful ideas and her photography makes me hungry to learn to do so much more with my new camera....oh yeah, and her jars turned out so much prettier than mine....but nevertheless I wanted to share this with you.

Here's the recipe:
And here's how my jar turned out....the only thing I would do differently (and it wasn't mentioned in the directions) is to pack my flour and sugar in the jar (using a wooden spoon). I think you would have seen the M&M candies at the top of my jar and it would have looked a little more festive.
Anyhoo....Living Locurto also gives you free downloads for the label and the go try it out...what are you waiting for?

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