Monday, October 12, 2009

Haloween Bunting

I'm getting ready for my annual neighborhood Halloween party so I thought I would whip up a new Halloween bunting to use as a decoration near my party table. I found this cute fabric yesterday and spent about an hour today getting it completed.

Here's how you start....find some cute fabric and make a pattern the size of your choice. Pin the pattern down and sew around it with a straight stitch, keeping your fabric turned right-sides out.
Next, using wide, single fold bias tape (or you could use double-fold which is easier), pin your bunting flags to the bias tape.

Sew the flags into the bias tape using a small zig zag stitch.
Make your bunting as long as you would like it....mine is a little over 3 yards long (requiring two packages of bias tape).
Here's what it looks like hanging temporarily in my foyer.
I love sewing projects like this...quick and simple. There are so many ways to customize one for yourself, you can always add messages, like "Spooky" or "Celebrate" - or you could even add images like moons and stars. Wouldn't pom poms dangling from the ends look cute too?

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Jaime said...

What a super cute blog - I have bookmarked it for my viewing pleasure! Your ideas and crafts are simply precious!