Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Muffins & More

Between working part-time (but it feels more like full-time) and our neighborhood Halloween party this past Saturday, I've also been working on my daughter's 2nd grade storybook parade. This year her class is using the theme from the book, "If You Give a Moose a Muffin" and each classmate (and her teacher) will be dressed as a moose. There weren't too many options to go with, so this is what I put together....

Here's the book cover and a stack of [yummy] cardboard muffins:
I mounted the muffins and the book covers on large popsicle sticks so that the children could carry them while marching in the parade.
Next are the headbands I made using brown felt, black posterboard, black pipecleaners and hot glue. These were a bit tedious, but I wanted them to be secure and not floppy while the children walked.
And, here's a quick picture of my girls in their costumes for our neighborhood Halloween parade. I didn't get too many good pictures from the party because I was too busy running games, hosting and picking names for winners in our candy corn count contest and prize giveaways. It was a fun time!
Just in case you couldn't tell, this year's homemade costumes include a mime and a supermodel. See you later!

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