Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Addition

I added a bench seat to my craft room today. I've had my mind on some alternative organization ideas for this room because several pieces I have just "aren't working" any longer. I can't stand to have a piece of furniture taking up space [valuable square footage in a craft room] if it's not serving a good purpose. So, last night I thought about having a storage shelf of some kind installed under this large window. But, as I was walking out, I remembered this bench which was in my dining room.
With a few wipes of a dust cloth and some handy-dandy baskets (on the bench seat) that I purchased for a whopping 25/cents each at, you guessed it, another garage sale, now I have some new storage at just the right size for my space. You can't get any better than that! And, I saved my husband from yet another building project. Here's another shot:
I am storing new supplies and birthday party supplies in the upper baskets and my photo lights in the bottom middle basket.

I'm always about rearranging and making your space work for you! Even if you are organized, sometimes putting things in a new space makes better use of the space and everyone's happy!

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