Monday, January 10, 2011

Working on a few things...

Spending some time this morning working on a few upcoming projects for the next holiday...always thinking ahead although one of my goals for this year is to "live" in the's what I put together for my 5th grader to take to school:
Have you seen the sour cream containers you can make with a piece of paper cut to 4.25 x 5.5 inches? I'm not ready to fill mine, but here's a great tutorial. They make the cutest little packages to hide yummy treats.

Also gathering a few of these for an upcoming project:
Actually, we have a few girls getting together for a fun afternoon of crafting Valentine Sundae Cup Centerpieces.  I need to get busy finding all the pretty candy to fill the glasses for my sweeties. This is going to be fun! And, I'm having the best time hunting through my local thrift stores to find the glasses for everyone.  There's nothing like a good hunt!   

Take care and stay safe!

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