Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sculpey Bug

My youngest daughter, Abby, has caught the crafting/Sculpey bug. I don't know how she got started on it, but she has had the best time this holiday season making all kinds of different food items with Sculpey clay. She's made a variety of things and has also filmed a few of her tutorial sessions using her new video camera.  Here's a shot from a session this morning:
Some of the items she has made include this hamburger and waffle which are this morning's projects:
She's also made ice cream cones, pop tarts, pizza slices, hot chocolate drinks, rainbow cakes, donuts and popsicles.
A few have been turned into pendants and put on strands of ribbon to make necklaces. I told her with a little time we might actually invest in a few purchases from etsy of actual ribbon necklaces so that she can give them away to friends.
I'm working on getting my Valentine inspiration basket put together as well as organizing a few projects for the future.  See you in a little bit!


Jennifer W. said...

These are so cute! I haven't heard of that stuff. Looks like she is having fun.

Teresa said...

I know where she gets it.... Mommy!! She is talented like her Mommy. Let her know I said "Great Job!! Hey Abby, can you make me a pretty dragonfly pendant? That way I can have a dragonfly necklace for work...