Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cute Countdown Chain

Hey there! I've been dabbling in a few things here and there, but finally managed to complete a sewing project I began a few days ago.

After getting this fantastic book a while back I decided to put roots down and get started on one of my favorite projects.  If you don't have this book I would highly recommend it! There are some extremely cute projects in it!
One of the projects that immediately caught my eye was a fabric countdown chain. Remember those construction paper chains we all made in elementary school?  Sometimes they were stapled together and sometimes they were glued together...well, I decided to make a Christmas countdown chain, complete with 25 links.

Here's a picture of my links all stacked up and pretty:
I used a stash of Christmas fabric I bought a while back at a community sale. I was able to snag an entire grocery bag full for $5.00.  Those pieces definitely came in handy for this project.

Here's what they look like all spread out on my kitchen table:
I was going for a traditional look with a "side" of cutesy charm...

Next up I took them outside and linked them together for a group photo:

And then back inside for a photo in front of my kitchen cabinets:
It's really an easy project, but a little time consuming. Lots of cutting, ironing and sewing (but isn't that what most sewing projects involve?). I made 25 links so it seemed a little never-ending, but I probably didn't spend as much time as it sounds.

This set is going to a dear friend of mine and her three children. I hope it will brighten her mailbox as she is going through a difficult time right now.

I would love to make one for myself, but mine will probably be more rustic which = not turning inside out and ironing, more like frayed ends and a distressed/shabby look. 

Let me know if you need specifics, I decided to forego a tutorial but instead gave credit to the book author because I know she worked extremely hard producing this fabulous book.

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Lulu said...

Oh that's a fabulous project.. I just love it!!