Thursday, September 24, 2009

Weeding Out

One way I keep my scraproom neat, tidy and manageable is to participate in the garage sales at my local scrapbook stores. One particular store has an AWESOME sale twice a year and there is always so much to choose from and so many friendly faces buying your stuff! I go both as a seller and a buyer!

To keep my stuff sorted during the in-between times, I have a 14x14 box in my closet which I use to collect unwanted items as I find them. You know, when you're looking for something in particular and you come across something and say, "Why do I still have this?" That kind of item goes in this box until the next sale is announced.
Once the date has been announced, I collect my seller's number, my price stickers, clear cello bags and my trusty tape gun and I go to work. These items were priced last night and finished up this morning. Most items are priced at $1.00 and I don't think I have anything priced over $5.00. I try to be very reasonable with my prices because I know, like me, everyone is looking for a bargain and I would rather not bring anything back home.
Participating in the garage sale is not only a great way to pick up some fun stuff, but a practical way to collect a store credit for my unwanted supplies, which means free shopping later on. That's what I've been up about you?

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