Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Challenge Organization

As I participate in more and more card challenges [because they are so much fun] I wondered how everyone keeps track of their product lists for each challenge....what are the different kinds of ways you remember each product you use?, because, sometimes for me, there are many different product manufacturers on one project...I love to mix things up!

With that in mind, I had my hubby help me design this handy-dandy print out that I use while I'm putting a project together. As I grab something from my stash and decide to use it, I quickly jot it down on these pages for reference when I upload the picture.
Here's a close up of the one I had ready last night while getting ready to start something new:
These print 3 to a standard page of copy paper and are stored in my Microsoft Office program. If you would like to have a copy of the file, just drop me a comment with your e-mail addy and I will be glad to share it with you. Or, if you have a different way you stay organized for your challenges, please do share! I'm always looking for good ways to stay organized! Now...on to more challenges!


Evy said...

Love it! I have such a hard time keeping everything organized in my head that by the time I come up with a new project, I've already forgotten what I had in mind for the previous. A little print like yours looks to be so handy!

Anonymous said...

These are `faulous` Carla ...
Great hubbie to help out too!!!!
I love the idea of these..
I end up with notes all over!!
Then end up in a muddle!!!TFS
Have a lovely Wednesday :)x

Alisha said...

Great idea!! My email is aschultze@live.com Thanks for sharing!!