Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Take Home Pig

While I was at school yesterday my daughter's 3rd grade teacher asked me how to cover a pet box for their classroom pig. Each child in the class will get the chance to take home the pig for a weekend from now through the end of school. (The pig is the wind-up kind, not a live one.) She was very clever by going to Petco and getting one of their hamster/mouse boxes which made it a cinch to cover with decorative paper. (I offered to bring it home and cover it so she wouldn't have to worry about it.) After looking through my "stash" I didn't have anything pig-related, or even farm-related, so I settled on this really neat 12x12 paper that had a two-sided school bus on it. I first covered the box with black textured cardstock, then I applied a school bus to either side of the box. The pig's name is "Camo" so I put her name in the school bus windows. It was my daughter's idea to add "on the go" to the end of the box, which I thought was cute. Next I wanted to add some grommets and ribbon, but I reminded myself that I needed to keep it simple for the 15 sets of hands that will be touching the box throughout this school year. This was a simple, fast project....the best kind!

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