Monday, September 1, 2008

Susan's Not Lazy Anymore

My organizational tidbit for today includes a new "Lazy Susan" that I found this weekend. We went to a flea market this past Saturday and a lady selling outside had lots of large bins of different items and everything was 25 cents each or 5 items for $1.00. I found this fantastic wooden Lazy Susan. I'm not sure what it's original purpose was, because it has divided sections grooved out of the base. I just wanted it because it had the "lazy" spinning mechanism on the bottom of it and for 25 cents who could refuse? My husband had some extra acrylic in his shed so he cut a piece to match the top. I'm using it on my desk top to hold my pen & pencil organizer along with some useful items like my paperclips, colored staples and binder clips. I love being able to spin it and get to exactly what I'm reaching for. What a great deal for 25 cents!

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