Friday, September 5, 2008

Lined Up & Ready

I thought I would show you guys how I organize my pictures and paper when I get ready to go to a scrapbook crop. My friend showed me these awesome page planners from Cropper Hopper. They are so wonderful because they have several different sized pockets to hold many different things. They are usually sold in packages of 3 (I think) for around $5.00. I have found them everywhere from Michael's to Target. I love to organize my pictures, scrapbook paper, stickers, alphabets and whatever else I think I may use within these page planners. It saves so much time and creative brain power while you are actually at a crop by doing this ahead of time. You can just roll up with your stuff, sit down, grab a page planner and begin cropping some wonderful pages. These are all lined up on my desk today because that's where I'll be all day tomorrow. I'm going to an all-day crop for 13 hours - I'm so excited! Hopefully, I'll have some cool things to show you on Sunday.

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